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Can I Buy Bitcoin With A Checking Account?

Swan Bitcoin: Dodging the Crypto Chaos

With cryptocurrency exchanges under more scrutiny than a teen’s social media, finding a trustworthy party is like finding a needle in a digital haystack. Enter Swan Bitcoin, the hero flying against the misconception of overleveraged brokers. Let’s dive into the Swan pond and discover why they stand out in this crypto jungle.

Skip the Splurge: Bitcoin for Every Budget

No need to pawn your pet iguana to start with Bitcoin! Swan breaks the myth that you need to spend a fortune. You can jump into the crypto pool with as low as $10. It’s like the Dollar Menu of the financial world, but with more zeros.

Meet Swan: More Than a Bitcoin Shop

Led by the Bitcoin maestro, Cory Klippsten, Swan Bitcoin is a California-based company with a mission: get 10 million people into Bitcoin. Forget the crypto craziness; Swan offers a user-friendly platform that even your grandma can use without asking for help.

And wait, there’s more! Swan helps you level up your Bitcoin knowledge with blog posts and thematic rabbit hole guides. They even host a podcast, Swan Signal, which is like the TED Talk of Bitcoin, minus the fancy suits.

What financial statement lists assets from current to long term?

Swanning Around with Your Bank Account

If you’re thinking of diving into Bitcoin with your bank account, Swan’s got your back. Their integration tool makes setting up automatic purchases as easy as ordering pizza. Only catch? At the moment, it’s a U.S. bank account exclusive. But fear not, Swan’s testing a workaround for the non-U.S. folks.

Free Bitcoin Alert!

Hold on to your keyboards, folks! Sign up with Swan using our super-secret link: Free Bitcoin Alert. Get $10 worth of free Bitcoin. You can thank us later.

Dollar-Cost Averaging: Swan Style

Swan knows the art of dollar-cost averaging like a pro. Buy Bitcoin regularly, and watch your digital piggy bank grow. But beware of UTXOs – they’re like the messy room of the crypto world. Don’t worry; Swan’s got a custody policy to tidy things up.

IRAs for the Crypto Cool Kids

Bitcoin in your retirement fund? Swan says, “Heck yes!” With Swan IRA, you can hold real Bitcoin in a tax-advantaged account. Choose between Traditional and Roth IRAs, and you’ll be retiring with a digital yacht. The onboarding is faster than deciding what to wear in the morning – less than 60 seconds.

Swan’s Custody Policy: Because Safety First

Swan shouts “self-custody” from the rooftops, but they’ve got backup dancers – BitGo Trust Company and Fortress Trust. No shadiness allowed, and they even recommend 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). Safety first, kids!

Fees Lower than a Basement Apartment

Swan understands you don’t want to be nickel-and-dimed. Their fees are as straightforward as a GPS. Commissions are set at 0.99%, and guess what? No hidden fees! It’s like the unicorn of crypto exchanges.

Tax Loss Harvesting: A Crypto Magic Show

For Swan Private clients, there’s a magic trick called tax loss harvesting. It’s like making your Bitcoin disappear for tax purposes, but only during office hours. Swan can’t provide tax advice, though – they’re not tax wizards.

The Gift of Bitcoin: Because Who Needs Socks?

Swan lets you be the Bitcoin Santa. Gift Bitcoin to friends and watch their faces light up like a blockchain. They need to sign up, but it’s a small price to pay for being the coolest friend in the group.

Yan Pritzker’s Book: Your Bitcoin Bible

Yan Pritzker, the genius behind Swan, wrote a book – “Inventing Bitcoin.” It’s the CliffsNotes for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Want a free copy? Here you go.

Take Control: Because Bitcoin is Your Superpower

Swan and Bitcoin Candor are your partners in this crypto adventure. Learn about wallets, secure your Bitcoin, and ride the Bitcoin rollercoaster. We’re stoked to have you on board, making crypto history together!

Disclaimer: Our partners are like our trusty sidekicks. We vouch for them, and they won’t lead you astray. Thanks for choosing us as your Bitcoin BFF!