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Can I Buy Bitcoin With A Checking Account?

Swan Bitcoin: Breaking the Broker Stereotype

Ever felt like cryptocurrency exchanges are playing hide and seek, and you’re stuck in the middle of a financial maze? Swan Bitcoin hears you. Led by the Bitcoin wizard, Cory Klippsten, Swan is on a mission – 10 million people into Bitcoin, no less! Forget the crypto chaos; Swan Bitcoin offers a no-nonsense platform, making Bitcoin shopping a walk in the digital park.

Small Wallets, Big Dreams

You don’t need to pawn your grandma’s antique vase to get into Bitcoin. Swan lets you dip your toes with as little as $10. Yes, you read that right. It’s like the Dollar Store of the Bitcoin world. Who knew financial revolution could start with a Hamilton?

Get to Know Swan: More Than Just Bitcoin

Swan isn’t your typical crypto hangout; it’s the cool kid on the block. With blog posts that turn Bitcoin jargon into bedtime stories and podcasts that are the Beyoncé of the Bitcoin space (looking at you, Swan Signal), Swan is here to educate and entertain.

What financial statement lists assets from current to long term?

Banking on Bitcoin: Literally

If you’re all about buying Bitcoin with your hard-earned cash, Swan’s got your back. Link your US bank account, and voila! Automatic recurring purchases without breaking a sweat. Non-US folks, don’t worry; Swan’s cooking up a workaround with Wise. Sneaky, right?

Free Bitcoin Alert!

Hold your horses; we’ve got a treat for you. Sign up with Swan using our secret handshake—okay, it’s just a link: Free Bitcoin Alert. Get $10 worth of Bitcoin. You’re welcome.

Recurring Buys: Because Consistency is Key

Swan’s all about that dollar cost averaging life. Buy Bitcoin regularly, and watch your investment grow like a well-watered plant. Just be wary of too many UTXOs; they’re like Bitcoin puzzle pieces, and you don’t want a headache when the blockchain game gets real.

IRAs: Bitcoin for Retirement, Because Why Not?

Growing old? Invest in Bitcoin. Swan IRA lets you do it tax-advantaged, like a financial superhero. Traditional or Roth, your call. It takes less than a minute to sign up, which is faster than making a cup of coffee.

Custody Drama? Not Here!

Swan believes in self-custody, but they’ve got backup plans. Partnering with BitGo Trust Company and Fortress Trust, your Bitcoin is safer than a cat in a sunbeam. No shadiness allowed. Also, they recommend 2FA – because nothing says ‘I love you’ like double protection.

Fees that Won’t Make You Cry

Swan gets you. Their fees are like a cool breeze in the crypto desert—0.99% for everything. No hidden charges, no tricks up their sleeves. It’s like buying Bitcoin without the buyer’s remorse.

Tax Loss Harvesting: A Money Juggling Act

For Swan Private clients, there’s a magic trick called tax loss harvesting. Sell low, buy lower. It’s like juggling Bitcoin for tax returns. Just don’t expect it to happen on a Saturday night; office hours only.

The Gift of Bitcoin: Because Who Needs Gift Cards?

Swan lets you gift Bitcoin to friends. It’s like giving them a ticket to the financial rollercoaster. They need to sign up, but hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Yan Pritzker’s Gift to You: A Bitcoin Bible

Yan Pritzker, the brains behind Swan, wrote a book – “Inventing Bitcoin.” It’s a must-read for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Want a free copy? Here you go.

Take the Wheel: Bitcoin Freedom Awaits

Swan and Bitcoin Candor are your guides in the Bitcoin adventure. Learn about wallets, secure your Bitcoin, and ride the freedom wave. We’re thrilled to be your Bitcoin buddies. Choose us, and let’s make crypto history together!

Disclaimer: Our partners are like our trusty sidekicks. We vouch for them, and they won’t let you down. Thanks for making us your go-to Bitcoin BFF.

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